Difficulté: Medium



I have been a total fan of sushi, sashimi, maki, temaki etc. for a long time. Even if of course the expertise is reserved to real professionals, we can still enjoy at home with temaki ready in less than an hour for a meal that will make your taste buds travel! You can of course adapt it to your desires and put the fish and garnish you prefer!

Spring Maki with Rice Leaf

This recipe is ideal for those who do not want raw fish or nori seaweed leaves. We see these rolls everywhere nowadays and they are a real fresh delight! When the good weather finally comes, it is a pleasure to enjoy. It’s all much simpler than it seems!

Amaretti Pudding

I recently went to Bologna and I had tasted an amaretti pudding there which I really enjoyed. It’s a bit like an egg custard, but with more powdered amaretti, amaretto liqueur and here a few dark chocolate chips. A real dense and melting delight at the same time, especially when tasted chilled. A very original recipe that I propose to you today!


Pan-fried Orzo pasta, chanterelles, chicken and nut-sage pesto

Olav offered me a nice partnership for a recipe with their pots and pans. I’ve been looking for a way to offer you a recipe, where everything is done in the pan I received. So I give you this dish that I particularly like, especially during the fall, my favorite season! Everything is done in a frying pan, first on the fire, then in the oven and it is ready in 45 minutes. The walnut sage pesto is a pure delight, and mixes perfectly with orzo pasta, prepared with chanterelles. You can of course change the mushrooms!

Fried Chicken

This is my second recipe (out of 3) for my partnership with Uhaina Organic Beers! This time I suggest an American fried chicken that will be perfect with a cold lager! I give you all the little secrets to get the beautiful texture of the chicken. It should be cooked well and not fried in too hot oil, which will color the chicken without cooking it inside. With a sauce and a good salad to accompany it, it smells like a vacation with friends!


Extra crispy Taiwanese popcorn chicken

Here is the second step by step recipe of my facebook live of Monday, July 5, 2021 for Taiwan Tourism! I also put you the video in replay. This crispy Taiwanese popcorn chicken with Thai basil is just sensational! The texture is incredible and the flavors unexpected. To be made again and again as an appetizer or as a main course, served with a little sautéed rice for example. Thanks to the tapioca starch, this chicken will stay crispy until the next day…


Baked chicken with pecan breading

Tender pieces of chicken in a crispy breading, then dipped in an incredible creamy and flavorful sauce. All this in less than 30 minutes. For once, I’m baking in the oven and this recipe is perfect for it! You can of course replace the pecans with another dried fruit.


Avocado, salmon and Samurai sauce inverted Makis

I had tasted these inverted makis in a “fusion” restaurant in Santiago, Chile with two friends. Although not very traditional, they were really delicious. I had proposed on the blog, Japanese makis with chilli salmon and Korean gimbaps with chicken. Two similar techniques, but with vinegar rice for the first and sesame oil rice for the second. As we are clearly on the “fusion food” here, I wanted to test a rice both vinegared (in lesser proportions) and with sesame oil. The result is perfect for me. Here with crispy shrimp and cooked and smoked salmon, the makis are rich but decadent and appetizing.


Blueberry Doughnuts

Generous doughnuts, soft and filled with blueberries, not too sweet! If this makes you want to, I’ll tell you all my secrets. I start with a yudane paste that will give an incredible texture, then I offer a filling with a consistency that holds together perfectly, without being a very sweet jam. Of course you can vary the fruits at will and even put some spread on it…


Sablés Marbrés Spiralés

De drôles de sablés avec une jolie forme en spirale, tout cela sans ustensile particulier. Vous les façonnerez à la main. C’est un peu de travail et vous recommencerez sans doute plusieurs fois pour obtenir un beau dessin. Mais c’est assez amusant à faire, surtout si vous voulez initier vos enfants à la cuisine. Et en plus, ils seront très bons !